Have you recently purchased an Electric car in Lancaster, CA?

Schedule a consultation with a highly qualified and educated electrician to get an Edison Refund quickly

Call CU Electric and help to ensure you are complying with ER1 to get your Southern California Edison Rebate
Southern California Edison has rebates in place to make class 2 home charger purchase and installment more easy to acquire and understand.

Are you thinking of adding a Class 2 Charging station in your home

A fully charged battery in a few hours
With a class 2 charger, it takes around four hours to fully charge a standard battery for cars, which allows you to make the most out of driving your EV, especially when you have a limited time to charge.

Starting your day on a full charge
In most cases, fully charging your car at home will be enough to meet the needs of your daily commute, and then some.

Cheaper charging costs
Another advantage of home charging is the low cost of electricity compared to public charging.